Shane M.

“My name is Shane, and I am a grateful, recovering addict. I began my journey of recovery 17 years ago after I lost my mother to suicide. My mother’s death was almost expected as she had been in and out of the mental hospital since I was 13 years old, but nevertheless it was a traumatizing event that sent me straight into a heavy downward spiral with an addiction to crack cocaine. After a hard bottom, I went to Henwood in 2002. I was relieved to have found a tried-and-proven formula to live a clean and sober life through 12-step meetings. Once clean, I decided to better my life by finishing my high school, upgrading, then going to college at NAIT. I graduated with a diploma in Construction Engineering Technology. I met the most beautiful woman in the world, both inside and out, and she invited me to church. I gave my life over to Jesus and we were married soon after. We had two beautiful daughters, bought a house, and life was amazing. In February of 2014 we had a son who we named Elijah. Elijah was in and out of the Stollery and when he was two years old, we found out he had a very rare genetic disorder. I did not deal with my feelings around Elijah`s disorder; I tried to stay busy working and disassociated. I relapsed after 5 years clean and started using opiates like fentanyl. I ended up separating from my wife and children, selling our house, and living on the streets for 3 months. My old sponsor and friend has been clean for 19 years and he recommended Our House. I went to detox, they helped me fill out an application to Our House and before I knew it, I was accepted into Our House, where I still live. God Bless Our House.”