Patrick K.

“I have struggled extremely with my alcoholism over the last five years. I went to five different treatment centers before coming to Our House. The length of time for these co-ed treatment centers where from 4 weeks to 3 months. My sobriety after these treatment centers would only last 3 to 9 months.

Alcoholism to me is a mental illness that progressed to a havoc way of hopeless thinking. Before arriving at Our House my thoughts where 95% negative. These thoughts made feel 95% negative towards myself and the world.

The program (modules) and one on one counselling helped me gradually change and practice positive thinking. I remember only having 1 good day a week after a month, then 2 good days after 2 months and so on. That is why I am so grateful for the 1 year program that Our House offers which I carry on today with 95% Hope because I have learned recovery is a daily reprieve based on my daily practices. I now have Freedom from addiction, my obsession was lifted and I don’t think at all about drinking and actually I don’t think about not drinking which is a great Freedom and Peace of Mind.
I now enjoy the little things in life like my 4 little grandkids which I actually babysit at times which is a miracle itself. I discovered that true happiness is to love and to be loved nothing more. Its also important for me to have human connection which I get from family and the fellowship of my 12 Step Program. And I am 19.5 months clean & sober as of today Sept 19, 2018.”