Mental Health First Aid

Research shows that at some point in their lives, mental health problems affect one in three Canadians. Estimates suggest that more than half of people with a mental health problem will never seek treatment.

While thousands of people across the country know how to provide first aid to someone with a physical injury, a lot fewer people are able to recognize the signs of and support someone needing mental health first aid. Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) is meant to offer immediate assistance to someone in crisis until they can get professional treatment, or until the crisis is over. MHFA Canada is an interactive course for anyone and no previous mental health experience is necessary. It can benefit teachers, health care professionals, emergency service workers, human resource professionals, employers, managers and supervisors, community groups, and the public.

The 12-hour course provides general information about what is meant by mental health problems and illnesses, how to identify signs of mental health problems in yourself and others, effective interventions and treatments, and how to support an individual and help them find out about and access the professional help they may need. It also dispels common myths surrounding mental health problems and reduces the stigma around mental illness.

Much like taking First Aid won’t make you a doctor, taking MHFA won’t make you a therapist or psychologist. It gives you the tools to guide a person in need to the appropriate professional help. This is important; the sooner a mental health problem is addressed, the better chances for a full recovery.

MHFA Canada training is available four times throughout the year from Our House Addiction Recovery Centre. If you’re interested, you can register by phone at 780-474-8945 ext. 224. More information about MHFA can be found at

Our MHFA training is open to the public and costs $35.00 for the workbook.

MHFA training is delivered through Mental Health First Aid Canada, which is affiliated with Mental Health First Aid in Australia. Mental Health First Aid Canada’s operations are coordinated by the Mental Health Commission of Canada.