Like many websites, we use cookies here at Our House. Cookies are little files that keep a little bit of information about users. We use ours exclusively to analyze how people are using our site, so that we can make it better for everyone and see what's working well.

Our analytics track users anonymously to see how and when people access our website and if it's their first time or their 700th. We use Google Analytics, so if you want to understand more about that, please use the link provided to access their privacy policies and website. The data collected about users is quite detailed and includes information such as age, gender, personal interests and geographical location. However, this data is not reported to us individually, but is instead anonymously compiled with information about all users to tell us about who uses our services.

Our House uses analytics to better understand our online users, so that we can improve our web services.

We don't try to figure out who you are and we don't use the information we get from Google Analytics to try to figure out any personal information.