Daily Lives of Pets – Day 8

Lola rests in an office.
Maddie roams outdoors.
Maddie sits patiently, waiting for Oliver to give him more food.
Peter sprawls out on the grass after having chewed through a leash.
Sadie blocks a hallway.
Lola lies down on Oliver’s feet, expecting belly rubs.
Bandit hides underneath a pool table.

Daily Lives of Pets – Day 6

Midnight enters the dining area after Oliver, not knowing where the cats are permitted to be, opens the door for him after finding him outside.
Sadie rests in Oliver’s office.
Clarice awakens from her slumber.
Peter bites on a bone.
Midnight sleeps with a toy.
Bandit rests beside a window.
Gucci sleeps soundly on a stack of chairs.
Sadie rests on the floor with her foot in her mouth.