Daily Lives of Pets – Day 3

Maddie rests on new flooring as his owner continues to place down more planks to the right.
Maddie sure does love her waste containers!
Clarice looks directly at the camera as she bathes under her warm lights.
Cookie rests on a chair after a failed attempt to take a photo of her on a staff member’s lap.
Maddie rests on Oliver’s chair.
Gracie rests under Rebecca’s desk, as she usually does.
Maddie and Bea meet up outside.
Bea chews on a bone out on the grass.
Maddie is very curious about a tire that Oliver placed her in the center of.

Daily Lives of Pets – Day 2

Maddie jumps onto Oliver’s desk the moment he enters his office. Maddie is no longer hiding the fact that she is able to jump onto his desk.
Peter rests outside, with his cone still around his head.
Cookie rests on her favourite blanket, now set up in Katie’s office.

Web Designer Internship – Day 2

When I arrived at Our House today, I noted that the flower bed nearest the parking lot was growing beautifully. I remember when I first started my internship here, there were still days where it snowed. As a consequence, the bed back then was barren. Now, alluring flowers of vibrant colours are blooming in the sunlight. These flowers were planted and grown with love from the residents here; I know this because sometimes, when I’m walking from the parking lot to my office or looking out my office windows, I see a resident or two tending to these heavenly creations.

The flower bed nearest the parking lot; the flowers are showing off their vigorous colours.

In the morning, I left my office to grab a cup of water from the dining area. There, a resident called me over and we talked about our weekend plans. Two other residents sat nearby and I approached them afterwards, searching to make more small talk. They brought up that there was a trip from noon to 2:00 PM at Our House. The trip was to go to a driving range, but they were not certain if it was cancelled or not as a result of the poor weather conditions we experienced yesterday. I was surprised that Our House had such events and made a mental note to myself that, if it is permitted for me to do so, I will see if I can join them in the future. I left to ask some of the other staff members and once I had confirmed that the trip was still existent, I went back to inform the two.

In the afternoon, I returned to the dining area to find that residents and staff were surrounded by board games. In particular, I noted that there was a Monopoly game under way, though I did not see any of the players.

A Monopoly game in the dining area.

I noticed, then, that there were two residents playing chess. I have somewhat of an interest in chess and so approached them. Another staff member nearby then recommended that I and one of the residents play a game. He boasted that he was a very good chess player and I suspected that I would lose, as I had not touched a chessboard in a very long time. Nonetheless, I accepted the challenge and played as black, deciding on the Modern Defense as my opening of choice. The game was highly difficult for me; his attack on the queen’s side was extraordinary. Eventually, he made a grave miscalculation, which I took advantage of. I captured both of his rooks and gained an even stronger offensive position. Nonetheless, my heart was pounding as I was certain that my loss was inevitable; his attack on the queen’s side was that strong.

I won, of course.

After his defeat, he was a good sport about it and we agreed that we might play one another again sometime. I definitely plan on reviewing my chess theory before I play him again, though.

Later, I stepped outside again and noticed that one of the residents was cutting the grass. I was impressed that the residents here do such an amazing task of keeping this area a pleasing sight; the grass looked neat and very pleasing to the eye.

The grass, freshly cut, gives the area a beautifully clean look.

Web Designer Internship – Day 1

My name is Oliver and today is the 28th day of my internship as a web designer at Our House Addiction Recovery Centre. The executive director, Mark, has proposed that I create this blog and write about the daily lives of the dogs that often visit the addiction treatment centre. I believe this is a good idea because this blog would give detailed descriptions of life here that could help potential residents and donors make the decision to enroll and donate or not. In addition to writing about the pets, though, I have also opted to write about my experiences as an intern here.

Today, one of the residents graduated from the residential recovery program. A big ceremony was held in the morning and in the dining area. The resident, now alumni, was dressed up in a handsome suit and when he was awarded his plaque, his fellow residents and the staff cheered for him so loudly that it was audible in the offices far away.

I had talked with this man the day prior, actually, and had learned that he was graduating then. Feeling proud of him and having my interest piqued, I asked him, if it wasn’t rude of me to do so, what his plans were after graduating. He wore a radiant smile and with confidence, informed me that the centre was helping him find an apartment to live in. I was curious to learn more, but some friendly residents came to start small talk with him and I took this as my time to leave.

In the afternoon, I took a break and stepped outside. Today, the weather was particularly poor; smoke from forest fire has blanketed the city. It has become so dark that I see more of the interiors of my office than I do the outside when I look at my office windows. I expected nobody to want to be out in this weather. It came to me as a surprise, then, when I found a resident working on bicycles. I asked him what he was doing and he informed me that there were many old bicycles here. He had decided that he was going to repair them. He then took the bicycle he had just finished fixing and gave it for a spin. The bicycle was like brand new! The gears changed with that satisfying sound that bicycle gears make and the brakes were able to stop the vehicle instantly. Another resident and I watched him ride around for a while, admiring his skill and efforts before I headed back inside.

Two repaired bikes.

Daily Lives of Pets – Day 1

Maddie, Peter and Rusty play with one another outside.
Maddie stealthily jumps onto Oliver’s desk when he is away and begins eating his food. What Maddie did not expect was that Oliver was suspecting this and stealthily reentered his office. Sure enough, Oliver caught Maddie red-handed!