An Honourable Visit

We had a visit from the Honorable Jason Luan, Associate Minister of Health, Mental Health and Addiction on Tuesday, September 17, 2019. It was our pleasure to host him, his Chief of Staff Marshall K. Smith and Ministerial Assistant Eric Engler. They spent a couple hours on site, touring our facility, listening the problems we face and about the work we do, but most importantly taking the time to talk with Our House clients. It was a wonderful visit and all three of these men were kind and truly engaged in the work we do.

Daily Lives of Pets – Day 50

Baxter and Maddie fight under Oliver’s desk.
Cookie curls up on the floor.
Bea releases her pent up energy by running around and sniffing bookshelves.
Cookie dons her raincoat, preparing to leave Our House for the day.

Daily Lives of Pets – Day 48

Clarice hangs from the netting within her terrarium.
Lexie sits up for the camera.
Peter continuously whines, wanting to be let outside.
Hydee drinks some water from a bucket.