Non Negotiable Behaviors

The non negotiable boundaries and behavior expectations of Our House are designed to make group living more comfortable, promote recovery and encourage respect, responsibility, cooperation, safety and trust among the residents. It is the responsibility of each resident to familiarize himself with these non negotiable boundaries and behavior expectations. These non negotiable boundaries and behavior expectations are subject to updates and amendments as deemed necessary by Our House.

Participating in the following behaviors will result in discharge from the Our House program.

  1. Use of any addictive substance (alcohol or drugs) or behavior (gambling) is not allowed.
  2. All forms of criminal activity.
  3. Sexual or intimate activity between residents or guests on the property, whether solicited or consensual: sexual harassment, towards staff or residents, which includes soliciting for sexual favors, unwanted sexual advances, suggestive sexual language or touching is prohibited.
  4. Tampering with any/all safety equipment including smoke alarms, defibrillator, emergency air horn, first aid kits, fire extinguishers, and exit signs.
  5. All weapons, such as guns, knives etc. are not allowed on the premises. If you have one, turn it in to staff immediately.
  6. Smoking in any building at any time.
  7. Possession of sexual movies (x-rated), pornographic images, anything-depicting child molestation or abuse, either in paper or electronic form (including laptops, cell phones or other electronic media storage devices).
  8. Working or actively seeking employment opportunities before a resident has participated in the Our House program for a period of six months. After six months the resident must speak with their counselor and have all work approved.
  9. Violence to clients, staff, volunteers, visitors, board members, pets and property.
  10. Discrimination or slurs based on race, color, sex, religion, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.
  11. Failure to comply with a search by Our House staff which includes all rooms, vehicles on Our House property, persons, personal laptops, internal and external hard drives, cameras, cell phones, flash drives or other electronic storage devise, including CDs and DVDs.
  12. Failure to comply with a staff administered drug test.
  13. Not returning for curfew without expressed permission from staff.

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