Patricia: Executive Director

As the executive director, and the public face of Our House Addiction Recovery Centre, Patricia represents the centre to donors, funders and supporters. She communicates the vision and the goals of the centre to the government, to other community agencies, to the staff and to the residents. She translates the centre’s goals into reachable, long-term strategic plans, sets these plans in motion, and oversees their accomplishment.

From one perspective, Patricia’s job is to put into place the building blocks of any not-for-profit program, namely, to prepare proposals for funding, to maintain competent professional staff, to develop and implement all components of the program, to ensure effective and efficient use of time, and to keep the budget within the available resources.

From another perspective, it is Patricia’s responsibility to inspire and motivate staff, volunteers and clientele to use the time, space and resources put at their disposal to facilitate the highest number of recoveries possible. Patricia, whose mother has been very active in the not-for-profit sector for many years, brings to the position of executive director a deep appreciation of the challenges faced by those who struggle with addiction or mental illness. She is highly motivated to ensure the needs of addiction-recovery clients are met and that affordable treatment remains a reality in Edmonton.

Patricia has been the executive director of Our House Addiction Recovery Centre since 2006. Since that time, she has worked with the board of directors to put into place policies that facilitate the journey of addicts who wish to stop substance abuse and progress through the steps of recovery to a life of independence.

Patricia was the driving force that led to the elimination of the organization’s debt, and subsequently, to securing the funds to purchase the larger enhanced facilities in Edmonton’s west end, and to enabling the centre to, not only double its client capacity, but to expand its program to include mental health specialization. Further, Patricia initiated the accreditation process, which the organization has successfully maintained as Accredited with Commendation since 2009.

Patricia’s success at providing the leadership needed for an effective addiction-recovery program comes from her varied background experience working with outreach programs and in the mental health field. Immediately after her volunteer management and fundraising practicum with Grant MacEwan University, Patricia worked with hard-to-house substance abusers in Edmonton’s inner city as part of Operation Friendship. Later, she conducted inner city tours for university students as part of their program requirements, worked for six years in corporate community relations and special events, including the mayor’s food drive, and was an outreach worker and evening clinic supervisor for an Edmonton pro bono law firm. She has also worked with the Canadian Mental Health Association as a volunteer coordinator.

Patricia has been on the executive of the Winterburn Business Association since 2008 and is an active member of the community. In a volunteer capacity, she consults with new and smaller not-for-profit organizations assisting them with grant writing and policy development. 

Patricia is currently attending the Sandermoen School of Business to obtain her Executive Masters in Business. Patricia is also a member of the Alberta Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health, Alberta Addiction Service Providers and the Alberta Fundraising Professionals.

Patricia’s belief is that every man who walks through the door of the Our House Addiction Recovery Centre is unique and deserves the opportunity to grow to his capacity. She observes, “After almost ten years, I still wake up in the morning looking forward to the day’s challenges. I am so proud to be part of this amazing organization.”

Rebecca: Program Supervisor

The program supervisor at Our House Recovery Addiction Centre wears many hats and Rebecca has demonstrated many times that she has the emotional maturity and good judgement, the ability to remain calm in stressful situations, the positive and flexible attitude, and the problem-solving and decision-making skills that are required to carry out those responsibilities.

Her main role is to develop, organize and facilitate the delivery of mental health promotion and prevention programs. However, she also plans recreational outings, provides orientation and supervision for new and current staff in regard to medication management, and interviews, monitors, supports and encourages practicum students and volunteers. She also trains and oversees the resident security team, administrates the safety committee, and manages a caseload of clients.

Rebecca’s education includes a BA in sociology and she is currently working towards completing a master of counseling degree and will complete an international certificate for addiction counseling in 2015. She has been with the centre since 2008. She started as the mental health program coordinator, responsible for developing and implementing the mental health component of the program, a role that evolved into mental health program supervisor in 2011.

Rebecca has extensive work experience in both addiction recovery and mental health. She began her career in corrections, working as a parole officer and living unit officer for three years, and was an active member on the Community Advisory committee for the Correctional Service of Canada for five years. Rebecca also served as a program developer for the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).

Rebecca is passionate about supporting addiction recovery and reducing the stigma attached to addiction and mental health issues. In addition to her work at the centre and her education commitments, she contributes to the community-at-large through her volunteer service. Currently, she is a member of Canadian Association of Certified Addition Counselors Federation (CACCF), a member of the Partner for Mental Health Edmonton Committee and serves on the board of the Addiction Professionals Association of Alberta, which in partnership with CACCF, is responsible for the certification of addiction professionals in the province.

Rebecca is deeply committed to ensuring that Our House Addiction Recovery Centre offers the best possible programming to facilitate client growth and change over the duration of their stay. She introduced the Mental Health First Aid program and is a certified Mental Health First Aid instructor.  She developed the Co-occuring Disorders program, which is offered at Our House Addiction Recovery Centre. She facilitates programs for the centre clients as well as programs open to the public, namely, Mental Health First Aid, and a new program called Men in Recovery.

Rebecca gets most satisfaction from seeing clients grow over the year they are at Our House Addiction Recovery Centre. Many of the men keep in contact, and it is wonderful when they come back and introduce her to their wives and children, and when they talk about their jobs and share their successes.

When she finishes her work for the day, Rebecca leaves behind all of the many hats she wears and finds time to take her rescue beagle to the off-leash park and to take ballet lessons every week.

Steve: Admission Program Supervisor

As admission program supervisor at Our House Addiction Recovery Centre, Steve works with the executive director and the program supervisor to plan and implement the centre programs. He is responsible for planning and directing the work of the addiction counsellor team and providing support and encouragement to team members as they engage with clients, and he steps in to lead groups when other team members are away. Steve interviews and welcomes new clients, assigns in-house sponsors and rooms, and oversees the caseloads of team members.

Steve brings a lifetime of personal experience and professional training to his position. An educator by profession, he served as a professional development consultant for the Alberta Teacher’s Association and has presented Self-Empowerment Workshops throughout Western Canada and as far away as Brisbane, Australia. Steve has also received National Coaching Certification in three athletic disciplines.

Steve has an ongoing interest in the spiritual nature of life, healing and success. In his four years with the Our House Addiction Recovery centre, Steve, through the one-on-one interaction of counselling, has encouraged and supported many men as they make 180-degree changes in their lives. Steve believes, as is taught in AA, that the solution to alcoholism and drug addiction lies with “deep and effective spiritual experiences.”* Many times, he has seen significant changes come about in a man’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well bring when that man steps back and focuses on himself and his healing process. Steve draws satisfaction from witnessing those changes and knowing he had a part in introducing that man to that possibility.

*Alcoholics Anonymous, p.25

Gail: Executive Assistant

The role of the Executive Assistant focuses on the maintenance and operations of the centre. She works with contractors and vendors to improve the living space so clients have a safe and comfortable environment.

Gail has worked in human services for 30 years. She worked at the centre as an Administrative Assistant from 2008 to 2013 and has now returned in the capacity of Executive Assistant.           

Gail is passionate about her work and puts forth her best effort daily. She brings with her a positive attitude and an ability to work closely and effectively with staff and clients alike.

Gail’s experience with an addiction within her family unit enables her to understand the uphill battle and hardship of addiction. She is very understanding and supportive of our clients.

Gail believes in maintaining her personal well being by leading a healthy and active lifestyle. She practices meditation and she and her husband enjoy camping and hiking.

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