Over the last 25 years Our House Addiction Recovery Centre has experienced much growth and change since its early days. It is because of our journey that we have developed a wonderful program with staff that has the passion, desire and knowledge to help.

For men struggling with substance abuse, you may find that a long term drug and alcohol treatment centre offers the promise of a bright and hopeful future for you.

We truly believe that we have developed and continue to develop a program that has integrated the key elements necessary to effectively treat men with substance dependency and co-occurring disorders.

Clients find they are challenged mentally and spiritually everyday and reap the rewards that come from facing problems head on with absolute honesty.

For sobriety to be sustainable, individuals must learn new skills to learn how to cope with their disease. The disease of addiction is treatable, and it works.

Our goal is that every man who completes our program does so with the skills to make recovery a reality.

Patricia Bencz